Production Box Lamps — First Run

Still need to work out a few kinks in the process (2.5 hours labor for each is 1.0-1.5 hours too much) and the product (I’ve tried three different methods of attaching the bottom to the rest of the box and none of the three are 100% satisfactory), but I’m pretty happy with the results.
The boxes are made of half-inch Plyboo (bamboo plywood). They are 11 inches high by six-and-a-half inches wide by four-and-three-quarters inches deep. They are lit by 14 watt fluorescent bulbs.

The middle of those three is shining in my living room at the moment. I’m gonna run it for a week straight and see if the house burns down.
This pattern is my favorite so far:

Here’s another pattern.

And a look at the joinery.