The First Foothill and Beach Cities Dinner Club Dinner

The theme was “Italian.” We drew numbers from a hat to determine courses — appetizer, pasta, entree/protein, vegetable, dessert. Along with the course, participants were to bring along a wine to pair it with.

The food and the wine were beyond compare; only the company was finer. The music, all agreed, missed the mark. The host intends to correct that in time for the “Spanish Tapas” Dinner next month. Bring your castanets.

Here’s the photographic evidence.

ET's Appetizer. Fig, Honey, Prosciutto on bread. Paired with Lambrusco.

Mine and LMA's Pasta. Pancetta and Saffron Risotto. Paired with Torrette (Didier Gerbelle 2008).

J&D S's Grilled Talapia and ET's Asparagus & Zucchini Salad and ET's Grilled Asparagus in Prosciutto. Paired with lager (Peroni).

VM&MM's Tiramisu. Paired with Sweet Marsala.


  1. Danielle Scane

    Great article and pics!

  2. tv

    you forgot et’s other dish

  3. LHP

    Which, TV? I thought she did three — App, Asparagus spears, and zucchini/asparagus salad.

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