The Third Foothill and Beach Cities Dinner Club Dinner

Participants were encouraged to create an updated, “tapas-sized” version of one of their favorite dishes from childhood. We did well with the updates. We did not do well with portion down-sizing.

As usual, John Scane took the pictures.

LMA's Korean BBQ appetizer (rice, kalbi, korean veg, lettuce leaf). Paired with reisling.

MM's Guamian chicken salad (roast chicken, coconut). Paired with ... ?

LHP's Enchilada Unbound (masa, chili sauce, chicken, pico de gallo). Paired with cerveza.

TM's Chicken Pot Pie (chicken, veg, butter, cream, pastry). Paired with chardonnay.

TVM's Cheeseburger (ground sirloin, Roquefort, brioche) and JS's Mac'nCheese (rotelli, butter, gruyere, cheddar). Paired with merlot.

TVM's Ice Cream and French Toast (butter pecan, toast, maple syrup, bacon). Paired with ...?

DS's Ice Cream and Cake (vanilla, gluten free cake, chocolate). Paired with coffee.

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